Sunday, March 3, 2013

Name Letters

Now that we have converted our office to a 'big boy' room for Logan and re-doing Logan's room into a nursery for Clark I decided I wanted those stereotypical names on the door!

I found everything I needed (minus paint, I used left overs from our painting projects but you can get paint there no problem) at Michael's Craft Warehouse

What you need per name:
-1 Large letter (there are a variety of font styles)
-Your child's name in small letters (you can buy them individually but I just got a large pack of variety of letters since I had to do both boy's names)
-1 decorative item (there are some that are raw wood or already painted, I went for the painted!!)
-Paint (any color(s) you like)
-Paint brushes
-Wood Glue

  1.  Choose whatever color you like and paint your small letters.  I choose to do a black around the edges to give more definition (it was a pain in the tushie and maybe not worth it!) (paint your decorative items now or your large letter if you desire)
  2. Let small letters dry and
  3. Once everything is dry simply use wood glue to attach the small letters and your decorative items using wood glue.  I suggest letting it dry over night before hanging it.
 That's it, super simple and super cute! 

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