Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Simple Heart Nail Art

I am so far from a 'nail artist' (90% of the time my detail oriented husband helps me paint my toes so that my cuticles aren't tie dyed!)  Seeing a million ideas on Pinterest can be a bit overwhelming, and so far out of my realm of abilities it's depressing!
SO....I decided to do something cute and super simple so that even I could be sucessful!

I know there must be a million tutorials for french tip nails, I'm happy with my method:
Slop a few coats on the tips of my nails that are nowhere straight or even and then just dip a Q-tip into my nail polish remover and shape it that way!!!

To do the heart I just put two dots on my nail of my Red polish and then used a toothpick to pull them together into the bottom point.  That's it!   I just then topped it off with a top coat and was finished!  Yes it's simpler than so many ideas out there but I did it in 1/20th the time and never cussed once!!  :-)

Enjoy!!  If anybody has any other simple ideas I'd love to hear them!

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