Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY Nursery Pillows

It seems like all modern day nursery sets come with these little wall hangings, for example: 

Toys R us's nautical wall hangings

I have never been a big fan, although they are cute they don't work well with our mural on the walls.  I unfortunately forgot to take a single photo of my before hangings or even my progress (I swear my preggo brain has me just in task mode, sorry!)  

Just like my normal frugal self I found a set of 3 wall hangings from Goodwill for only $1 which inspired me to do this project!  

Because I failed to take my own photos I found a great tutorial on how to do just what I did.  

The only differences between my process and hers was that instead of using a fabric pattern I used the image from my wall hangings.  Also pillow forms are very expensive while pillow stuffing is dirt cheap (especially when you have a 40% off coupon from JoAnns).  So I pre-washed my wall hangings and sewed the back on without a zipper so that I could just throw the entire pillow in the wash when I needed to. 


Back fabric

Good Luck, Hope you have fun and get great results also!

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