Sunday, February 24, 2013

DIY Curtians and Valance

Both my Son's 'big boy room' and the baby's nursery needed some more color so I decided to make some new simple curtains for both rooms.   In true frugal mom fashion my first stop was my local Goodwill.   I found two shower curtains in patterns that I liked and it just needed some modifications!

A standard shower curtain is 72" x72" which worked perfectly for my 34"x 34" window.  Measure your window to determine if one curtain panel is enough. 

What you will need for a window that is 34"x 34" or less:
1- standard shower curtain
1- 38" x 8" piece of lumber (I prefer pine)
1- Package of fabric batting
1- Staple Gun and Staples
1- package picture hangers

  1. First cut the bottom section of your shower curtian that will be used for your valance (I'm not including measurements because all windows are different just determine how long you need your left and right panels and cut the remaining off)
  2. Cut your curtain directly down the middle to give two panels. 
  3. Sew around all three sections with a 1/4 inch seam allowance to prevent fraying and make it look more finished.

5. Now that your curtain's are edged time to move onto the valance board.  Cut your batting so you have enough to wrap around all the sides of the board with room to spare.

6. Lay your board on top of the batting and pull it tight while stapling around the edges.   You can see my little man helping with this, just watch for little fingers!

7. Once that's completed repeat with your valance fabric pulling it tight around the board.
8. I choose to also staple my panels of fabric directly to the board since I didn't want to instal a curtain rod. so just lay it flat and staple it down.
9. Next mount your picture hangers on the wall I really like these: INTERLOCKING PICTURE HOLDERS  They allow the valance to just hook in!



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