Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Back to Life & Back to Reality!"

After a long dry spell of not posting I have charged the defibrillator and am going to focus on getting back into the grove and bring 'The Buzz' back to life!!!

What's going on in the BabyB Custom Creations world??  The answer is in the name! BABY FEVER!  With baby number two only 6 weeks away we are in a mad dash to get the house, our family and our lives ready for another little one.  This pregnancy has taken a toll larger than I ever expected, with many complications and high risk factors I have found myself into a slump of frustrations, anger and depression.   So here are my goals to help with it all:

1. Create several posts to catch up on what's been happening!  What's there to look forward to??  
  • A train/construction themed mural and room decor for our 3 year old's new bedroom!  
  • An underwater themed mural and decor for our new baby to be's nursery!  
  • A great new spring line of earrings! 
  • A custom valentine that truly comes to life!! 
  • Finally, I will take time to write about the journey of my pregnancy thus far, many things I have faced are not the 'norm', they aren't pretty and definitely not about rainbows and the 'glow of pregnancy' but I want to share how hard pregnancy can be and most importantly how it can be faced head own and over come!!
 2. Venture into the bead store again and get started on a new summer line that will be $5 to focus on affordability.  I'm thinking of calling "Frugally Fabulous!"

3. My biggest challenge:  Pulling off an open house with a newborn!!!  I want to to a full open house with a variety of finished pieces as well as tables of different beads, stones, shells and glass that everyone can choose from and I'll custom make pieces on the spot! (and of course there will be food and treats!!)

I want to thank everyone who's stuck by me in my 'slump', a big thank you to the big Pinterest world who has continued to follow me regardless of my absence and a thank you to those who will continue to support me as I get things rolling again!!!

Defibrillator is hot, ***CLEAR*** and BabyB Custom Creations is officially BACK TO LIFE!

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