Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Valentine that Comes to Life!

This year I wanted to make something simple (this pregnancy takes all the fun out of sitting at a craft table for hours!) to send to family and friends for Valentine's Day!

I found some awesome seed packets for sale and it sent me on my way for inspiration!  This is a very simple set up (I apologize for not taking photos for a tutorial, this was a 'get it done' project).

  • I have two colors or poster board (white and red) cut and glued together to give the card strength.  
  • I just simply used my computer and printer for the text and flower image (stamps would have looked better but like I said 'get it done'). 
  •  I then took a lollypop and stuck it down with crafting dots (double stick tape would have done fine also)
  • I then put the seed packet over top the stick to it wouldn't puncture the envelope.
  • The seed packet is held with photo corners so it can be easily removed without ripping the package
  •  I just put some decorative stickers over the photo corners to dress it up!! Simple!!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day!

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