Friday, February 22, 2013

A 'Dad-chelor' Party for my Dear Husband

 With baby number 2 only six weeks away from arriving I decided my hard working husband could use a break! A break from my pregnant self (who he is so patient with), our son and just the overall family.  I decided to invite all of his family and friends that were local for a 'guys night'.  

I promised all of the guests that there weren't going to be any 'cutsie' games and that this wasn't going to be a 'baby shower'.  I also promised them all that my son and I wouldn't even be in attendance.  The point of the entire party was to give my husband a night away from us.  

I know some of these sorts of parties have been hosted at restaurants and sports bars but lets be honest I'm WAY to much of a control freak to not be able to have a part of the set up and food, that's the fun part for me!  I hosted the party at the house but managed to set everything up and left the house with my son so that when everyone arrived it was truly a guys night!

The invitation I created

I planned out a menu that would allow me to prepare everything in the morning, put them in crock pots or the oven and then leave the house.  That way they guys could enjoy a home cooked meal without the housewife around!   My husband helped choose the menu items (hence not a single vegetable, I didn't even comment, it's a guys night right?)

Buffet Table Set Up
I made pulled pork, the advantage was that I could put the pork shoulder in the crock pot and let it cook away.  My husband just pulled the pork once they were ready for dinner and I heard it was a hit.  I also made garlic mashed potatoes, same thing cooked them half way and then threw them in the crock pot so they were hot and ready.  I just left a premixed bowl of sour cream, half an half and spices that my husband just folded in as they got ready to eat.  Finally I made some baked beans that I just put in my dutch oven and threw it in the oven at only 170* so they were hot and delicious when they were ready! 

Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Pork Shoulder Cooking Away

Snacks and and table set up
One of the guests enjoying the dinner! (Hubby took the photo)

What would a party be without drinks?  I decided to keep everything simple, one type of beer (my husbands favorite of course), a variety of soda and bottled water.  We had the cooler out on the patio with the recycling bins next to it (I was so proud they did a great job of cleaning up and even sorted the glass from everything else!!)

Cooler loaded up (soda is stacked double high) before adding ice

 One challenge with beer is where to open it, may times we have been at BBQ's and I've witnessed people amlessly walking around with sealed beers looking for an opener.  So I strung up an opener inside the cooler so it was simple and obvious.  Once we had loaded the ice in I added a bowl to hold bottle caps and then the oranges were for the beer (Blue Moon Belgium Wheat Ale isn't the same without an orange)

Bottle opener, cup to hold bottle caps and fruit garnish for the beer

 As promised in the invite I planned several 'game stations' for everyone allowing lots of different areas to socialize.  We had the living room set up for the PlayStation 3, our dining room was set up for poker, cards or board games and outside was set up with air soft guns and targets (sorry didn't get any photos of this)

The poker & board game table with snacks stocked

Our PS3 was ready to go and some guests even brought other games!

The guys playing Street Fighter on the PS3 (I snuck this photo when I got home in the evening and retreated upstairs)

Since I wasn't going to be in attendance and I knew it would end up being chaos I knew sending thank you cards would be next to impossible.  So instead I decided to do thank you favors.   That way they could take it before they left.  

Party favors

Each favor included a glass Beer Stein, A bottle opener, A kitchen hand towel and a variety of candy and I attached a simple thank you note on the outside.

 I had to come home before the party was over, (no way our son could last until midnight).  I came home and put our son to bed, the brief time I saw my husband and his friends before retreating upstairs for the night it seemed like everyone was having fun.  My husband really needed a break from it all (pregnant wife, baby on the way, toddler, work and life overall) and I this this party did the trick!

Not only did he have a blast but his friends/family were incredibly generous and we have a stock of diapers and wipes for the new baby.  (Notice the motorcycle diaper cake on top? My father rides BMW motorcycle and brought that to the party!  So awesome!)  

A big thank you to everyone who came!!

Diaper gifts from the guests that attended!


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