Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The secret is out!

I apologize for the large photo not being centered but the blog is being finicky so it's either tiny or huge, so huge it is!

We can finally scream it from the roof tops WE ARE PREGNANT!!

Some know how much of a miracle this baby is and some don't so I'm going to share our story here.  A lot of the information is personal, but I feel like our story is something that should be told to give hope to some and to help embrace just how wonderful this pregnancy is.

About a year ago Robert and I decided we were ready to try for another baby.  I had an IUD for over a year and had one previously before Logan was conceived for 5 years. When we had chosen to try for Logan we removed my IUD and he was conceived within a month, we expected the same results the second time around.  We were sorely disappointed.

Once our second IUD was removed my body did not go back to normal functions. (okay boys hold on to your hats, yes we are going to talk about periods, just remember it's just talk about the functions of a body).  A woman's body usually has a normal menstrual cycle of 28-32 days, which means every 28 days a woman should have a period start.  My IUD was removed and I didn't have an cycle start when it should have. We got excited thinking we were pregnant right away again.  Then I started experiencing immense pain and cramping, the concern was I was pregnant with an ECTOPIC PREGNANCY.  Our OB/GYN was able to rule that out and then with several meetings and finally with a TRANSVAGINAL ULTRASOUND it was discovered that my ovaries were full of cysts and I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome.

My Transvaginal Ultrasound, in photos 27 and 28 you can see the cysts inside my ovaries.

With that diagnosis we had a few options to conceive:
-Begin taking several medications to help counteract my disease (including Metformin) and continue trying naturally
- Have a LAPAROSCOPIC OVARIAN DRILLING SURGERY, endometriosis surgery, and a contrast Dye Test on my fallopian tubes 

Robert and I decided to start with medications and try naturally, after 7 months of trying we ended up back a square one.  Frustrated, overwhelmed and losing hope my body stopped having cycles again.  So more details about the woman's body: to have a period an egg needs to be released (ovulation), my lack of periods meant that yet again my body wasn't ovulating which mean no chance for a baby.  After talking to my OB/GYN about staring up some of the medications again, she informed me that it was time to talk about alternatives, this treatment plan wasn't working and also informed me I should start considering the possibility that Logan may be our only biological child.

After talking a lot Robert and I finally made the decision to go ahead with the surgery.  We scheduled it for August 29th.  One of the tests they wanted to do was the Contrast Dye Test on my Falopian tubes to determine if my body was ovulating and the eggs were getting trapped in the tubes by cysts.  Because of that test I began tracking my body's hormones daily to determine if I was ovulating.  One set of ovulation results came back positive, we tried to not get too hopeful especially since my day of ovulation I had extreme pain and agony which was only confirming that I had cysts in my fallopian tubes causing the agony when an egg tried passing through.

Unexpected positive ovulation result on cycle day 58!

Along with every day taking an ovulation test I was taking a pregnancy test every 5 days (just being hopeful).  My routine every morning was the same pee on stupid sticks and move on with my morning.  On August 4th I went about my day and went back a few hours later to throw my sticks of depression away until I realized that one of the test was positive.  My first reaction was "another ovulation?".  Then it dawned on me that it was the pregnancy test that was positive.

My first reaction was to scream "LOGAN, Wanna go to the store!?!?".  We went to the local grocery store and grabbed an early response test to confirm.  When I learned I was pregnant with Logan it was a nice peaceful day, picnic afterwards just a simple day.  With this baby I took Logan with me into the bathroom at the grocery store, trying to pee on the stupid stick while my Son is opening the door, peeking under the stalls etc.  I got another positive result an immediately started sobbing in the bathroom with Logan staring at me like I was crazy.

Positive result taken in the grocery store bathroom

Ready for the kicker, remember when I said a woman's normal cycle is an average of 28 days right?  I learned we were pregnant I was on CYCLE DAY 68!  That means my body didn't have 3 cycles and out of no where one little egg slipped through it all.  My OB/GYN office has never heard of anybody in our situation especially on cycle day 68 being able to conceive naturally. 

The green + on the 25th, is a positive ovulation result on cycle day 58th. On the 4th, the red + is the positive pregnancy test on cycle 68!!

A year of trying, ovaries filled with cysts and barely any functioning follicles, most likely one blocked fallopian tube and one MIRACLE BABY!

We are currently 7 weeks along, and my PCOS is still a challenge causing my sugar levels to be something we will have to monitor my entire pregnancy, but this little baby is hanging on and expected to be healthy as can be.  It is the norm for parents to wait 12 weeks to publically announce their pregnancy, however we had two reasons to announce it now.
1. This baby is a blessing beyond what we could ask for and we can't keep it quiet or a secret any longer.
2. If the worst does happen, we will need all the support we can have to cope with such a horrible loss.

Want to know the long story short?!?!   WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER BABY!!

And to think we thought this was referring to the house, maybe it was about the baby!

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