Saturday, June 2, 2012

Necessecarry Moments in Life

It's important in life to take moments, moments for all occasions.  One of the most crucial things that I have learned is that for me to be a successful person I need to take different moments for myself that help me survive. 

My moments that I have found so far are as follows:

Me Moments
Me Moments: Time that I have alone, that I allow (aka force) myself to have time that is quiet (or super noisy) and gives me a break.  Some 'Me Moments' I have found are:
  • getting coffee with headphones in
  • getting my nails done
  • going grocery shopping alone, which means going down every isle taking my time not rushing or pushing the cart while feeding Logan crackers at the same time.
  • leaving for work early so I can take back roads, rolling the windows down and cranking the music up higher than I can with Logan in the car with his fragile ear drums
  • taking a long hot shower, without the monitor and music playing so I have no clue if he's waking up or calling for me while he's with daddy.

We Moments
We Moments: Time that my husband, Robert, and I take for each other.  Money is always tight, so sometimes we have times that are out of the house otherwise we find time that is cheap or free!  Some 'We Moments' we have found are:
  • Going on a movie night date (we love using Groupon for cheap tickets) Check it out Here: Date Night
  • After Logan has gone to bed we sit and play cards, it's more interactive than just watching TV and gives us some time that we can laugh and talk without it being 'formal'
  • Cooking desserts together, we had a moment a few weeks ago where we both craved cookies so we baked together.  We only had enough butter for half a batch and only enough chocolate chips for a fourth of a batch.  It was fun getting creative (using some chunks of Reeses instead of chocolate chips) and baking together.  It's the moments of standing in front of the sink in our pj's licking the batter off the spoon that makes it fun! 
Us Moments

Us Moments: Time that we take as a family that is out of the ordinary routine. Like before money can always be an issue so we get creative on ways to have fun without spending a lot of money.  Some "Us Moments" we found are:
  • Days at the zoo, My aunt was extremely generous and gave Logan a zoo membership for his birthday.  We have made a point of going once a week, the membership allows us to take our time, and let Logan dictate what we do and how long we stay without feeling rushed.  Check it out here: Zoo Day
  • Park days, we have a local park that is within walking distance that has the usual playground equipment with one unusual addition, the neighbors to the park have a goat that you can pet and feed dandelions through the chain link which makes it so much more fun!

Girl Moments

Girl/Guy moments: Time that well allow ourselves to spend with just our friends.  It gives us time to relax, laugh, gossip and recharge.  We try to each have a girls night/guys night a few times a month.  Some Girl/Guy Moments we found are:
Guy Moments

  •  Guy moment: Robert's friends come over and they do a 'game night' they go into our bonus room where they play board games, laugh and hang out until the wee hours of the night, without having to worry about the wives/girlfriends.

Find your moments, some may need "Pet Moments", "Quiet Moments", "Loud Moments", "Sibling Moments", "Learning Moments"....Find moments in life that allow you to find peace, joy, strength and most of all find moments that not only allow you to survive but to be happy.  

Life moves so fast that we forget to simply take a moment.  

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