Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Family Fun That Is Free!

We are working very hard at not spending money but Logan and I are both going stir crazy trapped indoors.  

Around our home there are a few parks but with the wonderful Oregon weather sometimes it's just too soggy so instead we headed down to the Bridgeport Village and played in their play area.  This fun playground is full of kids so it's great for socialization, they also have a nice turf based ground that doesn't get too soggy, they also have a variety of activities that challenge Logan and kids his age (climbing, sliding, spinning..etc). Best of all it's fun and free!!

We also spend time at the local library.  Cedarmill Library has a great variety of story times and programs, they have a great environment and friendly staff which makes it fun for both of us.  It's fantastic to watch him want to learn and become engrossed into books.  The library has a new automated check out system so it's also a great learning opportunity for him to help scan the books, our library card and load up his books.  It provides us with many opportunities to learn about time, about borrowing and returning and even more skills with computers.  
It's important to look for learning opportunities in all areas of life!

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