Thursday, May 3, 2012

We've Got Studs!!

New Vintage Glass Stud's getting the star treatment with Gold  and Silver Plated stud posts.

Like the new 'Studly Look'?  Thanks to a custom order for a pair of studs I have expanded my equipment to be able to made Stud Earrings!!  I truly mean it when I say "If you want it I'll do what I can to make it"!    I currently do not have a selection of 'flat back' stones, so for now Stud earrings will be by custom order only, there is no extra charge for doing a custom order!!  Studded earrings take a bit longer to cure so my usual 24 hour turn around isn't possible, A pair of Stud Earrings will take approximately 2 days before being shipped!

These Stunning Carnelian Stones were requested by a BabyB Customer.
Making a custom order is extremely simple, to give you an idea this is what my customer requested:
A pair of stud earrings, that were a simple round shape to fit her smaller sized ear lobes and most importantly a red that matched the logo of her work shirt, I also noticed she primarily wears gold jewelry so I choose backs in gold.
With that information I choose these Carnelian Flat Back stones that work perfectly!  If you want very specific colors just send me a photo for your inspiration, I can also send you choices for stones before I purchase your items!  There is nothing too custom for BabyB!! 
The more you have fun with it the more fun it is for me to make!!

New Vintage Pink Stones for Stud Earrings.
Top Left: Ribbon Textured Vintage 1930's glass from Germany
Top Right: Smooth Star Ruby from the 1950's
Bottom: Flower Embossed Vintage 1930's stone from the Czech Republic. 

 1940 Vintage Black Glass

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