Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tips for Parents and a Happy Marriage

Parents are the most notorious when it comes to giving themselves guilt trips when they take time for themselves.  I have learned that it is essential to set time aside for not only some individual quiet time but more importantly time together!  Parents are always stretching themselves so thin for their children it's hard to have the energy to 'go on a date'.  So here's what I found works for us:


1. SPEND MONEY IN ADVANCE: (for example a movie ticket) this forces us to still go even if Logan's had a meltdown day or even if we are too tired or lazy.  If we have already put money into it that changes our mentality and our guilt.  If Logan's had a rough day, and may be a handful (not too out of control, but just not his normal angel) I don't feel obligated to say I'll just stay home and reschedule because we've already spent some money on the date.  It's important to put importance an priority in your relationship as well.

3. Get dolled up, but not too much!  You're supposed to have a good time and relax, don't wear 5 inch heels and pants that are too tight, you want to be able to relax, enjoy.  Instead of wearing things that make you uncomfortable doll up in ways that are simpler:  Nicer jewelery (now that the kid can't tug on them),  a side strap shirt which is always a huge risk factor for a small hand tugging and some 'popping out' issues, more lipstick or bold colors that usually you don't have time for!

4.  Make a night of it!! Plan more than one thing, go for a dinner, movie and then ice cream!  Don't make yourselves rushed, parents live within a world of someone else's schedule so for date night throw the schedule out the window and just allow a lot of time to enjoy and take it slow and easy!

To be more successful parents we need to be happy in our marriage.  We need time together, to help maintain our bond and how we handle situations.  We need time together to talk, laugh, cuddle and have our time together be the #1 priority instead of always being parents first!  

So take time, set a date aside and cherish your relationship!


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    1. Thank you, It took forever until I was happy and a lot of custom graphics but I'm finally happy with it!! ;-)

  2. Your tips simply remind every couple out there to always make time for each other. I think the best way to do it is to do that which both of you usually enjoy doing together. When you do something you truly enjoy, aren’t you having the most fun together? Why not try and recreate your first dates? The first dates, are I believe one of the most magical moments in a relationship. It was that time when you were slowly learning more about each other, growing closer and learning to appreciate one another for who they are, flaws and all.

    Russell Dill

  3. I so agree with this! Ultimately, quality time makes a relationship stronger. Whenever the two of you are together, make the most out of it! And sometimes, the best type of recreation is to sit and talk to one another. This will help you to reach out and better understand each other.

    - Tyler Goodwin

  4. We can't remove the fact that love may fade eventually. But we can keep it intact if we come up with plans that is a little unusual for our partner. This way, you can make them feel important, or you can make them feel a little excited because of the fact that you're getting out of your comfort zone.

    Ismael Kennedy