Saturday, May 5, 2012

Putt-Putt, Games & Memories!

In honor of a friends birthday we took Logan to the Local miniature golf and arcade game center.  It was amazing how well he did actually golfing and playing the games.  It made me realize that I picture this little baby but he's actually turning into a **gasp** BOY!!  When did my baby become a toddler and how is it possible that he's growing so fast into a kid?!?  I am working very hard to slow down and cherish this moments, when he was an infant he would work and work to learn new skills such as rolling over, eating, walking, etc.  It seems like now in only a matter of seconds he learns a new work, figures out how to use a tool, climbs stairs without much help!  I have no time to adjust to him growing so fast before he's already on to the next task!  I'm so proud of my advancing man but it's truly breaking my heart watching him grow so freaking fast!  Is this why some families have so many kids?  They can't cope with their 'babies' growing up so they just have another?!  I don't think I could live that kind of life, better just focus on spending as much time with him as possible.  

Or as they say in Peter Pan  "we have a few short years while our children actually want us to be around, after that we are the ones chasing after their attention!"

So here's to adventures, make-believe and wonderful memories made daily!

Daddy & Logan Learning how to use the club
Logan had so much fun stealing everyone's clubs, and running off to the next hole.  He'd place the ball at random points hit it really quick and them move on until he got to an actual hole and then he would place it a few inches away from the hole and use the club like a pool cue into the hole.  Every time he managed to get it in the hole he would cheer "yaaa!" and run to get a high five!!  
These are the moments I'm going to cherish when he's all grown up!

Logan Loved Playing the Games with Daddy!  Daddy even won him 2 DINOSAURS from the claw machine (I've never truly saw someone win at those things let alone twice!!) and with his tickets he won 2 SNAKES!  He was in Hog Heaven, or should I say Reptile Heaven!!
After a long day of Put-Put, Pizza and games he was WORN out! Not even half way home and this is how he looked!  Notice the dinosaur still clenched in his hand, can you tell he had a good day?

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  1. So adorable! Family bonding is always a good thing! We all love to play golf. Thing is, we don't have much time to do that nowadays, so we play indoors with ball targets from