Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Portland Rose Festival City Fair

"Part of Portland's popular culture for the past 105 years, the Rose Festival has its roots in tradition while its programming is both contemporary and nostalgic. Foresighted city leaders started the festival during the first decade of the 20th Century in order to put Portland on the map and brand it the 'summer capital of the world.' Little did they know that more than a hundred summers later the Rose Festival would be world famous for its amazing, award-winning events, as well as serving as a community leader for celebrating values like volunteerism, patriotism and environmentalism."  Portland Rose Festival

While some family was still in town from the wedding we took some time to enjoy the Portland Rose Festival City Fair.  It was a great opportunity to slow down and enjoy the day.  We started off by walking the entire waterfront and then finished up by entering the city fair to enjoy some rides and simply walk around.

One of Portland's Many Beautiful Bridges, The Morrison Bridge, with an unusual sight of a Ferris Wheel In front of it. Logan was still too short to ride on it but next year I can't wait to ride it and see the view of our beautiful city from the top of the wheel

Logan and I, He was perplexed by all of the rides!

 Of an entire fair the only ride that Logan was tall enough to ride on was the boats.  I was originally concerned that he would have anxiety about being on the ride.  Boy did he prove me wrong, the second he was off his face lit up with such  joy and enthusiasm.  It makes me remember that I need to allow him to do things without making initial judgments on his reaction.  I need to remember he has an opinion and is able to express what he enjoys, he no longer needs his mommy making all of the decisions. (Sniff Sniff)

Watch the Video Here

Once he had gone around the 'river' his one time he was so heartbroken to have to get off the ride.  He sobbed and kept crying "boat!" We waited 'patiently' for our next turn in line and got back on the boat. 

Notice the tears still streaming down his happy face as he finally got to go on the boats again!

 Logan is such a lucky boy because Bunu (Grampa in Romanian) bought him several tickets for the rides which meant he was able to go on the boats 4 times!  He was SO thrilled.  (I think we need to find some kayaks for the summer to enjoy!)

Logan had just enough tickets after a few rides to be able to play the hammer game!

His prize that he was very proud of!  (Notice the backwards BLAM, Mommy didn't notice the flaw until we were home, oh well adds character!)

We had just enough time after the fair to be able to make it in time to watch the Rose Festival Danner Memorial Day March

The entire parade Logan loved waving at everyone that passed by and cheered for all the fantastic cars!
Waving at everyone that went by!

Logan went banana's when his favorite character from Cars "Mater" drove by!  They did such a great job replicating this!  It makes me want to find an old beater truck and make one too!!  How fantastic!!
We had such a wonderful time with family and enjoying the wonderful sites of Portland!  I can't wait until next year's festival when Logan is a bit older and can truly begin to appreciate what a wonderful city we live in!

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