Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to make a Classy Bachlorette Sash

 For my Sister-In-Law I wanted to make her a unique sash that had class and sophistication.  We threw her a classy bachlorette party (check out the post on her party here: Bachlorette Party with Class) and I wanted the sash to match.

I used a simple (wire free) ribbon that was my desired width, you can choose any color you want (pink was another idea of mine but I loved this cream).  I found this fantastic black tulle with a hit of sparkles (sorry to the bride who was sparkly all night) The tulle was wide enough to allow me to fold it in half and still be wider than the ribbon, you decide on the width and what look you are going for!  I found these cute iron gems (they are light pink) but they said "Bachlorette Goin' Wild" I was able to cut off the rest and just use the classy Bachlorette gems!

Make sure to test your ribbon to see how it reacts to the iron before you use your gems!!
Make sure your lettering fits the ribbon and position in the center of the entire sash. (I utilized my patient husband to determine my length of sash and then ironed a crease at the halfway point so I knew where to position the letters)

Follow the directions on the package for your iron on letters and carefully remove the plastic sheet.

I folded my tulle in half and then tacked it carefully with a few stitches of black thread.

I was inspired by this video: Tulle Flower Tutorial on how to make my rose, I didn't use a centerpiece and it came out a bit differently but her video is a great way to start!
My stunning Sister-in-law wearing her sash!

I hope you enjoy this fun way to make a simple yet classy sash!!

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