Thursday, May 31, 2012

Girls Night Out

Me and my girls, my everything!

The keys to my success (aka survival) are the people in my life, my husband, my parents, my in-laws, and my girls.  These women keep me going, they keep me sane and they keep me having fun! We all set time aside to be together and celebrate our friendship.

The Girls at Red Fig

We started the evening by having a delicious dinner at Red Fig, a simple, charming place with friendly service and fantastic food. Red Fig on City Search

We continued on by taking a very short walk down to Blackbird Wineshop & Atomic Cheese.  Check out their site: Blackbird Wine This adorable wineshop has an stunning display of different wines with a simple rustic yet charming atmosphere.  We had a very fantastically charming 'wine guide' who took us on a wonderful adventure around the world by tasting a variety of wines and pairing them with a variety of foods. 

Our tasting came with this delicious selection of pairings!

Tiffany, she was a 'professional' taster, so poised!
Annie, that smile always brightens my day!

Tatiana, you have no idea how much I had to bribe her to actually smile for this photo, usually she has some strange face or a tongue hanging out!

We fell in love with their amazing bread so we ordered their tour of olive oils (we each had our favorites which worked well for sharing) we also got a second helping of bread, we are truly 'carb-a-vors'

Annie, told you we were carbavors! We all looked like this the entire time!

Our next stop was to Ruby Jewel, Check out their site here: Ruby Jewel

This shop has such a fantastic variety of ice cream and they make these 'to-die-for' ice cream sandwiches which were the perfect conclusion for a wonderful night with my girls!

My amazing sundae!

Tatiana and her sandwich!
Tiffany with her sorbet, poor girl is lactose intolerant, but this sorbet was the best I've ever had!
Annie, can you tell she's a happy a happy girl?
My girls are the best things that I have for giving me a break from the world while also keeping me grounded! Find a time in your life and the people that make you feel this way and cherish it dearly, love them dearly and make sure most importantly to take care of them when they need you!

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