Saturday, May 12, 2012

Custom Necklaces!

 I have officially branched out into necklaces.  The three below are all one-of-a-kinds made for the special women in my life in honor of Mother's Day.  Yes, they have names, all of these are close to my heart and I will assign a name to all one-of-a-kinds. 
These necklaces  can help give inspiration and an idea of my style of necklace.  As usual 'Custom' is our middle name, therefore length, color, material and pattern are all subject to the person ordering.  Because I want everything to be a perfect fit all necklaces will be made to order (an order will take no more than 3 days to complete and be in the mail) and I will string the beads in a layout and send a confirmation email before finalizing the positions.  
Because necklaces have such a range of styling prices will always vary.  I have put an approximate price (of course these were gifts) to give an idea of what they would cost.   It is very important for me to stress this:  EVERYTHING IS CUSTOM, including COST, tell me your budget! If items are out of your price range please tell me what you are shooting for and I will tell you adjustments I can make to fit your price range (for example: switching to stainless steel from sliver or switching from vintage glass to modern beads.) 

 It will truly break my heart if someone were to look at a item and say "I love it but I can't afford it", let me know and I will do my best to figure something out!

 Calida- Turquoise in both oval and round, accented with black Swarovski Crystals.  Strung in two permanent strands and with Silver Plated Clasps. (Approximate cost: $25)

 Burilda: Shell in circle and squares with fresh water pearls and sterling silver bead accents. 
(Approximate Cost:

 Adora- Jasper Pendant strung with Purple Round freshwater pearls, white moonstones, uncut purple freshwater pearls and strung with sterling silver accents in a double strand with cone bindings into a single strand around the neck with a sterling silver clasp. 
(Approximate cost: $40)

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