Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Bachlorette Party with Class

  In honor of Lorina's Bachlorette Party we wanted to do a very classy evening.  We started the evening with a classy dinner, followed by returning to my home for a delicious treat of a Sundae Bar and Root Beer Float Bar!

Bethany's Table is an extremely charming restaurant.  They have such a quaint atmosphere that is surrounded by friendly staff and happy patrons. When making a reservation the staff was so extremely accommodating, they offered me any table in the restaurant to make Lorina's Bachlorette as special as possible. 
Bethany's Table fantastic wine selection made the bachlorette fun without being tacky.  We had the option to walk around their coolers to find a perfect selection (a delicious Pinot Nior in my case!)

My Delicious R. Stuart "Big Fire" Pinot Gris from Oregon and Bethany's Table's Fantastic Bread!

All this talking about the charm of the restaurant and I'm just getting to the good part: THE FOOD!  Bethany's table has a fantastic selection of seasonal specials as well as regular items that are to die for!  Their classy dishes made our evening charming and mouth watering!

Baked mac & cheese with gruyere, asiago, Tillamook sharp white cheddar, Hill bacon and a crisp panko topping

Mixed greens, hazelnuts and apples tossed with a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and fresh thyme swirled with Rogue Creamery’s award winning Smoky Blue.
SPECIAL ITEM:  Crab and Scallop Ravioli with a Cauliflower cream sauce.

Local, organic grass-fed "brew beef" is used to make a full half-pound patty, served with potato

SPECIAL ITEM: Salmon with potatoes.

 Thank you to Bethany's Table for the fantastic meal and even better experience!  You helped make Lorina's Bachlorette party extremely classy and fun!

To see how to make this classy sash check out my how-to-post: How to make a classy Sash!

 Our next step was back to my home for dessert!  We all gathered around my "Sweet Buffet" to laugh and share a tasty dessert.  Our hard working bride-to-be had been very contentious about eating well to look fantastic for her wedding day so she had requested a night of indulgence without meaning the normal tacky bachlorette party of strip clubs and poor judgment.  Lorina's indulgence was ICE CREAM!!

Our Indulgent Sweet Buffet

Oreo, marshmallows, M&M's, Chocolate Chips, Sprinkles, Cherries, Chopped Almonds, Chocolate Sauce, Carmel Sauce & Strawberry Sauce
A&W Root beer (One of the few Caffeine Free Root beers because we had a pregnant guest!) & Delicious Vanilla Ice Cream made a fantastic Root Beer Floats!

Shelby and her masterpiece Sundae
Alina's Unconventional Root Beer Float!

Haleena and her Perfect Float (just what a girl recovering from wisdom teeth surgery needs!)

The Gorgeous Bachlorette!

Lorina making her well deserved indulgence! Check out my post on her wedding to see that it had no affect on how stunning she looked in her phenomenal wedding gown: Two Become One!

Annie, Shelby & Leslie Enjoying their treats!

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Lorina's last night out with the girls!

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