Friday, May 4, 2012

BabyB's: The Defintion of Custom

BabyB's Definition of Custom:  Use your imagination, try to describe what you want and I will try to recreate it within your budget!  Everything here has started from someone's custom idea.  I also have a bead store that I LOVE and always am looking forward to a trip!

For inspiration here are some recent custom orders that I have received, use your imagination!

"I am looking for a pair of stud earrings that are small in size, round and a red color that matches the logo of my work shirt"  -Found her some nice small flat back Carnelian Stones that matched perfectly! (cost: $15)

"I want a pair of stud earrings for my 1 year old daughter that are pale pink" - I was able to find some rare vintage Flower Embossed 1930's stones from the Czech Republic that she loved! (cost: $10)

"I have a pair of earrings I bought a while ago from a department store that just don't hang well, can you fix them so that they hang better and are also shorter?"  We were able to restring the beads on a higher quality wire which hung better and shortened them by almost 1/2 an inch! (cost: $10)

"I have a pair of my Great Aunts earrings that are clip earrings, can you utilize the stones and make them into a pair of pierced dangles?"  We are in the process of working on doing this while salvaging the stones without damage, I will post an entire blog about this when I'm finished!

Let your creativity inspire you!!

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