Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekly Cooking!

 My frugal self and my OCD self thrive when it comes to cooking.  Once a week I get with my mother and cook the meals for the entire week for both households, ranging in 4-6 meals feeding 10 people each.  While I'm cooking in the kitchen my mother gets so much needed Logan time.   The system works well for everyone, with Logan getting more and more adventurous it's nearly impossible for me to cook in my isolated kitchen while he's getting creative in another room.  Cooking weekly has so many benefits: because we cook so many meals and feed so many people we are able to plan the meals so each week utilizes some similar ingredients that we can buy in bulk (gotta love Costco), it also allows me to cook healthy meals without scrabbling and reaching for the Mac and Cheese every night (Don't get me wrong we still have to splurge and get some yummy Mac and Cheese every once and a while!), we also make enough so that my husband, Robert, can take a portion to work the next day for lunch, it also allows my mother the ease of just picking a meal she wants and adding any desired side dishes!

For weekly cooking to be successful organization is crucial, otherwise you'll feel like a crazy person and the exhaustion that follows won't be worth it!

 My mother and I work together on selecting recipes for the week, when choosing your recipes it's important to focus on the following things:

  •  Can I buy some ingredients in bulk, so they need to apply to at least 75% of your recipes, to truly save money it's helpful to plan your proteins out.  What really helps is to plan recipes for two weeks out, this way you won't eat chicken for a week straight but instead can still buy in bulk and freeze the following weeks portion.
  • Your meals need to have cooking times that are compatible, you don't want a meal that takes 2 hours to simmer and everything else only 15 mins, you want to have a variety of cooking times.  For example:  One meal with a longer cooking time like a stew or chili so you can start it and let it simmer while you move on to the next meal.  Another meal that's a casserole format so you can have it baking while you chili is simmering and you move on. Another that is a quick meal like prepping all the ingredients for tacos so you can be chopping while everything else is working away.
  • Your meals need to be able to keep after being cooked.  You don't want to have a bunch of meals that are extremely perishable, for example seafood or salads.  You want items that are perishable to be enjoyed in the beginning of the week, fully cooked meals that are enjoyed in the middle and quick fire meals (such as a nice prepared sauce and pasta that is boiled the night of dinner) for the end of the week.  Another option is choosing meals that can be frozen to have at the end of the week (great frozen options are chili, enchiladas, casseroles, ect.)

Make sure to evaluate your fridge space and choose containers that fit appropriately!


Once your meals are finished be sure to label and date them, also include any final instructions ( garnishes, side dish suggestions etc.). Painters tape is great for labeling!

My dream scenario would being able to post blogs weekly with shopping lists, recipes and special instructions so that others can begin to enjoy the benefits of weekly cooking.  With time I will work on getting organized enough to get this started!


  1. I would love for you to do that!!


    1. Tatiana,
      Thank you for your feedback, my next cooking session is scheduled for Monday. I will make an effort to document and organize everything! Keep an eye out and I'll create something for you!
      'Queen Bee' Brianna