Saturday, April 14, 2012

Providing choices and independence for children

Some houses are baby-proofed from top to bottom, we are currently renting our home and never wanted to fill the cabinets with holes.  We have worked really hard with Logan about what cabinets he can interact with and what ones are off limits. The result of this is confidence and independence.  Once Logan responed so well to the kitchen we worked on removing all of the baby gates in the house with even more success.
Logan has full reign in the house and the only things that are of limits are spaces that are dangerous (for example chemicals are locked up).

Our newest change was to convert part of our fridge for Logan.  He's began to be really proud of his decision making (clothing choices, books to read and what to eat) so we made our veggie drawers into his snack bins (since he can reach them without help). Now Logan has healthy choices for a snack (clementines, carrots, raisins, fruit snacks, string cheese, juice boxes and pineapple juice) that are pre-portioned and are accessible at all times.
We had to work for a little while teaching him that everything in the bins are his but items on the shelf need to be asked for. (we had a few days when he ran from the kitchen with a bottle of ketchup saying "more?")
Allowing children to make their own choices helps encourage them to be independent and confident!

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