Sunday, July 7, 2013

Introuducing Clark!

 Wonder where I've been??  
Introducing Clark Dumitru Cristea
Born 4/10/2013 8pounds 14 ounces

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Clark's Progression

We are almost there!  This time next week they will be rolling me into the OR for my scheduled C-section and we will get to meet our little boy!!  Thanks to everyone who's been supporting me through this long, but more than worth it, journey!  I promise that I'm going to be taking my laptop to the hospital, but can't promise how much actual blogging I will get done but I will be sure to post lots of photos!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Underwater Nursery

After a long month of painting Clark's nursery and we are finally finished.  I feel so lucky to have such a talented artist for a husband!  We wanted the room to be colorful and have a variety of sea life so the boys can both learn about the animals eventually.  We wanted to also have some open space so the room didn't get too cluttered.  




I am so thrilled with the results and can't wait to bring home our little boy (in only 4 more weeks!!) to this room and watch his eyes cruise the colors all over the room!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Name Letters

Now that we have converted our office to a 'big boy' room for Logan and re-doing Logan's room into a nursery for Clark I decided I wanted those stereotypical names on the door!

I found everything I needed (minus paint, I used left overs from our painting projects but you can get paint there no problem) at Michael's Craft Warehouse

What you need per name:
-1 Large letter (there are a variety of font styles)
-Your child's name in small letters (you can buy them individually but I just got a large pack of variety of letters since I had to do both boy's names)
-1 decorative item (there are some that are raw wood or already painted, I went for the painted!!)
-Paint (any color(s) you like)
-Paint brushes
-Wood Glue

  1.  Choose whatever color you like and paint your small letters.  I choose to do a black around the edges to give more definition (it was a pain in the tushie and maybe not worth it!) (paint your decorative items now or your large letter if you desire)
  2. Let small letters dry and
  3. Once everything is dry simply use wood glue to attach the small letters and your decorative items using wood glue.  I suggest letting it dry over night before hanging it.
 That's it, super simple and super cute! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nursing Modest Hospital Gown

With Baby number two almost here I wanted to make a custom hospital gowns.  I really don't like the lack of modesty that normal gowns provide.  With number one's delivery we had tons of visitors many of which I didn't really feel like whipping my boob out to nurse or flashing my Tushie around trying to do a bathroom break.   I found this great tutorial for a hospital gown...I'll admit I had to make lots of modifications because I'm much taller/larger than her patterns would allow.  This tutorial however is a good starting point and gives room for inspiration for your own project!

Good luck!

Carseat Cover

As with several projects recently I didn't take the time to take any progress photos but I found a great tutorial for this car seat cover (sorry I don't have a picture of it being used our car seat is still packed away, only a few more weeks till baby arrives time to dig that bad boy out).

This tutorial is super easy and my quickest project recently!  Enjoy!

DIY Nursery Pillows

It seems like all modern day nursery sets come with these little wall hangings, for example: 

Toys R us's nautical wall hangings

I have never been a big fan, although they are cute they don't work well with our mural on the walls.  I unfortunately forgot to take a single photo of my before hangings or even my progress (I swear my preggo brain has me just in task mode, sorry!)  

Just like my normal frugal self I found a set of 3 wall hangings from Goodwill for only $1 which inspired me to do this project!  

Because I failed to take my own photos I found a great tutorial on how to do just what I did.  

The only differences between my process and hers was that instead of using a fabric pattern I used the image from my wall hangings.  Also pillow forms are very expensive while pillow stuffing is dirt cheap (especially when you have a 40% off coupon from JoAnns).  So I pre-washed my wall hangings and sewed the back on without a zipper so that I could just throw the entire pillow in the wash when I needed to. 


Back fabric

Good Luck, Hope you have fun and get great results also!